Our Commitment to you.

Atlantic Mutual is committed to vigorously defending against exclusions, denials, and claims outside your policy coverage. We provide an unlimited defense through trial with no deductibles.


Our ironclad approach eliminates the risk of runaway legal fees when a claim or coverage is denied. This policy also defends the insurance agent who is otherwise blamed for the lack of coverage.

Another important plus of Atlantic Mutual’s Legal Defense policy - WE NEVER DENY FOR LATE REPORTING.

Every Policy Covered

Applies to ALL the insured’s underlying policies that
  are in effect. That’s the important protection our legal defense umbrella provides.



If your client has an insurance claim denied, AMI’s  shield will provide unlimited legal defense with no deductible through trial.

Peace of

For agents AND clients. Your clients can focus on what
  really matters — growing their business — knowing that Atlantic’s dedicated
  legal team stands behind them ready to act.

Our Track Record of Proven Success
Speaks for Itself

Breach of contract, negligence, even lawsuits against HOA rules. These are just a few of the claims we’ve covered. When you are faced with an unexpected lawsuit, proven results are what matters.


Atlantic Mutual provides plan attorneys who are proven experts in the specific practice of law you need most. For a fixed, minimal premium, you can be confident that you are covered by the best legal representation.

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